Bo Han

Research Group

TMLR Group (please read this document for recruiting information):
  • Yonggang Zhang, Postdoc Fellow @ HKBU CSD (ICML'20, NeurIPS'21, ICML'22, ICLR'22a, ICLR'22b; Outstanding Reviewer in ICML'22)

  • Qizhou Wang, PhD @ HKBU CSD (NeurIPS'21, AAAI'21a, AAAI'21b, TPAMI'21; Best Reviewer in ICML'21)

  • Jianing Zhu, PhD @ HKBU CSD (ICLR'21, ICLR'22; Best Reviewer in ICML'21)

  • Zhanke Zhou, PhD @ HKBU CSD (ACL'22)

  • Xue Jiang (with Prof. Zheng), joint PhD @ HKBU CSD (CVPR'22)

  • Zhenheng Tang (with Prof. Chu), co-supervised PhD @ HKBU CSD (ICML'22)

  • Haoang Chi, visiting PhD @ HKBU CSD (NeurIPS'21, ICLR'22)

  • Yongqiang Chen (with Prof. Cheng), PhD @ CUHK CSE (ICLR'22; Outstanding Reviewer in ICML'22)

Alumni (former collaborators and students closely worked with me):

Strategic Partners

Friends (overseas) with whom I have worked on long-term projects (names sorted by seniority):
  • Masashi Sugiyama, Professor @ RIKEN AIP and The University of Tokyo

  • Ivor W. Tsang, Professor @ A*STAR Centre for Frontier AI Research

  • Kun Zhang, Associate Professor @ Carnegie Mellon University and MBZUAI

  • Mingyuan Zhou, Associate Professor @ The University of Texas at Austin

  • Gang Niu, Research Scientist (indefinite-term) @ RIKEN AIP

  • Tongliang Liu, Assistant Professor @ The University of Sydney

  • Mingming Gong, Assistant Professor @ The University of Melbourne